man pages

This page contains a collection of man pages for NetworkManager. For each page there are two links: stable is the version in the latest stable release of NetworkManager, while devel is the version from the latest development snapshot.



NetworkManager (8) STABLE DEVEL
NetworkManager.conf (5) STABLE DEVEL
NetworkManager-dispatcher (8) STABLE DEVEL
NetworkManager-wait-online.service (8) STABLE DEVEL


Clients and Utilities

nmcli (1) STABLE DEVEL
nmcli-examples (5) STABLE DEVEL
nmtui (1) STABLE DEVEL
nm-online (1) STABLE DEVEL
nm-cloud-setup (8) STABLE DEVEL
nm-initrd-generator (8) STABLE DEVEL
nm-openvswitch (7) STABLE DEVEL



Each connection profile contains multiple settings (connection, ipv4, ipv6, ethernet, etc.) and each setting contains properties.

The following pages describe them and how they are represented in different contexts, including nmcli, D-Bus and the two connection file formats. keyfile is the native NetworkManager format, while ifcfg-rh is the format compatible with Fedora/RHEL initscripts.

nm-settings-nmcli (5) STABLE DEVEL
nm-settings-dbus (5) STABLE DEVEL
nm-settings-keyfile (5) STABLE DEVEL
nm-settings-ifcfg-rh (5) STABLE DEVEL