org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.VPN.Connection — Active VPN Connection.


VpnStateChanged (u state,
                 u reason);


VpnState  readable   u
Banner    readable   s


Represents an active connection to a Virtual Private Network.

Signal Details

The "VpnStateChanged" signal

VpnStateChanged (u state,
                 u reason);

Emitted when the state of the VPN connection has changed.

u state:

(NMVpnConnectionState) The new state of the VPN connection.

u reason:

(NMActiveConnectionStateReason) Reason code describing the change to the new state.

Property Details

The "VpnState" property

VpnState  readable   u

The VPN-specific state of the connection.

Returns: NMVpnConnectionState

The "Banner" property

Banner  readable   s

The banner string of the VPN connection.