org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.IP6Config — IPv6 Configuration Set.


Addresses    readable   a(ayuay)
AddressData  readable   aa{sv}
Gateway      readable   s
Routes       readable   a(ayuayu)
RouteData    readable   aa{sv}
Nameservers  readable   aay
Domains      readable   as
Searches     readable   as
DnsOptions   readable   as
DnsPriority  readable   i


Property Details

The "Addresses" property

Addresses  readable   a(ayuay)

Array of tuples of IPv6 address/prefix/gateway. Deprecated: use AddressData and Gateway.

The "AddressData" property

AddressData  readable   aa{sv}

Array of IP address data objects. All addresses will include "address" (an IP address string), and "prefix" (a uint). Some addresses may include additional attributes.

The "Gateway" property

Gateway  readable   s

The gateway in use.

The "Routes" property

Routes  readable   a(ayuayu)

Tuples of IPv6 route/prefix/next-hop/metric. Deprecated: use RouteData

The "RouteData" property

RouteData  readable   aa{sv}

Array of IP route data objects. All routes will include "dest" (an IP address string) and "prefix" (a uint). Some routes may include "next-hop" (an IP address string), "metric" (a uint), and additional attributes.

The "Nameservers" property

Nameservers  readable   aay

The nameservers in use.

The "Domains" property

Domains  readable   as

A list of domains this address belongs to.

The "Searches" property

Searches  readable   as

A list of dns searches.

The "DnsOptions" property

DnsOptions  readable   as

A list of DNS options that modify the behavior of the DNS resolver. See resolv.conf(5) manual page for the list of supported options.

The "DnsPriority" property

DnsPriority  readable   i

The relative priority of DNS servers.