org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.DnsManager — DNS Configuration State.


Mode           readable   s
RcManager      readable   s
Configuration  readable   aa{sv}


The interface contains DNS-related information.

Property Details

The "Mode" property

Mode  readable   s

The current DNS processing mode.

The "RcManager" property

RcManager  readable   s

The current resolv.conf management mode.

The "Configuration" property

Configuration  readable   aa{sv}

The current DNS configuration represented as an array of dictionaries. Each dictionary has the "nameservers", "priority" keys and, optionally, "interface" and "vpn". "nameservers" is the list of DNS servers, "priority" their relative priority, "interface" the interface on which these servers are contacted, "vpn" a boolean telling whether the configuration was obtained from a VPN connection.