org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device.WifiP2P — Wi-Fi P2P Device.


StartFind (IN  a{sv} options);
StopFind  ();


PeerAdded   (o peer);
PeerRemoved (o peer);


HwAddress  readable   s
Peers      readable   ao


Since 1.16

Method Details

The StartFind() method

StartFind (IN  a{sv} options);

Start a find operation for Wi-Fi P2P peers.

The options argument accepts the following keys:

i timeout:

Timeout value in the range of 1-600 seconds.

The default is 30 seconds.

IN a{sv} options:

Options of find.

Since 1.16

The StopFind() method

StopFind ();

Stop an ongoing find operation again.

Since 1.16

Signal Details

The "PeerAdded" signal

PeerAdded (o peer);

Emitted when a new Wi-Fi P2P peer is found by the device.

o peer:

The object path of the newly found access point.

Since 1.16

The "PeerRemoved" signal

PeerRemoved (o peer);

Emitted when a Wi-Fi P2P peer disappears from view of the device.

o peer:

The object path of the Wi-Fi P2P peer that has disappeared.

Since 1.16

Property Details

The "HwAddress" property

HwAddress  readable   s

The active hardware address of the device.

DEPRECATED. Use the "HwAddress" property in "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device" instead which exists since version NetworkManager 1.24.0.

Since 1.16

The "Peers" property

Peers  readable   ao

List of object paths of peers visible to this Wi-Fi P2P device.

Since 1.16